Marcello Mustilli


Admitted to the Rome Bar in the 1999

Working experience

  • Bellettini Lazzareschi Mustilli Law Firm, Partner, Rome (2005 – present)
  • Hogan & Hartson LLP., Visiting attorney, New York (2004)
  • Caporale Carbone Giuffrè Law Firm, Associate, Rome (2000-2004)
  • Carnelutti & Partners, Associate, Rome (1999)


  • University of London, King’s College, LL.M. in international Business Law and Copyright, London, UK (1999)
  • La Sapienza University, Law Degree, 110/110, Rome (1997)

Seminars and Conferences

  • Dentons Europe Studio Legale Tributario, seminar titled “La nuova Class Action: luci e ombre della riforma”. Milan, 2019
  • Movies to move Europe 2018,  speech titled “The issue of copyright”. Turin, 2018
  • Zavattini Award 2018, speech titled “Copyright and rights of use in the cinema”, Venice, 2018
  • Training of the Italian Film Commissions, consultant of the Italian Film Commissions Association,  Florence, 2018
  • MICI 2018, speech titled “MiBACT and Regions: harmonizing and integrating national and regional activities with a view to optimizing the propulsive thrust of the Italian film-audiovisual industry”. Rome, 2018
  • MIA-DOC Programme 2017, seminar titled “The legal minefield of making controversial docs – And the right steps to take”. Rome, 2017
  • Roma Fiction Fest 2017, report on legal aspects of investigative documentaries film productions. Rome, 2017
  • Cineteca di Bologna, teaching for the Course “The valorization of the assets: legal and management aspects”. Bologna, 2017
  • AAMOD Foundation, report titled “Legal considerations on access and reuse of audio-visual resources on the net” within the Conference “Network audio collections and archives. Research, knowledge, shared knowledge and public use”. Rome, 2017
  • University of Rome, La Sapienza, seminar on “Copyright, copyleft in the audiovisual cultural heritage sector”, within the teaching of” History and sources of the audiovisual document “-nSchool of Specialization in archival goods and librarians. Rome, 2017
  • Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, lesson titled “Graphic unit in the institutional communication: identity and public image protection” within the Institution Communication Course II – Faculty of Social Communication Institution. Rome, 2017
  • Far East Festival, FVG Film Commission, report on Digital Single Market: and prospective for the European audio-visual market. Udine, 2016
  • Trento Film Festival, moderator of “Tax credit for cinematographic and audiovisual works” panel. Trento, 2016
  • Vatican School of Library Science, seminar on digital and law libraries. Vatican City, 2015
  • City of Bologna and D.E.R., seminar on contracts for audio-visual productions. Bologna, 2015
  • Tuscany Region/Tuscany Film Commission, seminar on legislation for Italian film commissions. Florence, 2015
  • University of Rome,Tor Vergata, seminar on the contract of the “factual” productions. Rome, 2014
  • Lazio Region, seminar on the production and protection of “factual” audio-visual products. Rome, 2014
  • ANICA/AS.For.Cinema, seminar on web production and distribution. Rome, 2014
  • ANICA/AS.For.Cinema, seminar on rights and quotas TV. Rome, 2013
  • University of Rome, La Sapienza, Faculty of Communication Sciences, seminar on legal aspects of documentary production. Rome, 2011
  • Apulia Region, Regional Agency for Technology and Information, seminar on copyright and the right to criticize. Bari, 2013
  • European Audiovisual Days, report for the convention on the Inter-Ministerial Decree 22/02/2013 (also known “TV Quotas Decree”). Turin, 2013
  • Tuscany Region, Italian Documentary Association and Italian Doc Screenings, seminar on documentary, privacy, and critical rights. Florence, 2013
  • University of Rome, La Sapienza, Special School for Archivists and Librarians, seminar on cinematographic archives legislation. Rome, 2012
  • University of Rome, La Sapienza, Special School for Archivists and Librarians, seminar on copyright and cinematographic works. Rome, 2011
  • ANICA/AS.For.Cinema, seminar on documentaries development phase contracts. Rome, 2012
  • ANICA/AS.For.Cinema, seminar on distribution of cinematographic products. Rome, 2011
  • Genoa – Liguria Film Commission, seminar on crowdfunding & crowdsourcing: regulatory and contractual aspects. Genoa, 2011
  • University of Barcelona, relation on Transatlantic Dialogue on Fair Use and Exceptions as a part of the “International Forum on Access to Culture and Knowledge in the Digital Era (FCForum)”. Barcelona, 2010
  • European Documentary Network e IDFA, seminar on copyright and fair use restrictions. Amsterdam, 2010
  • Region FVG and Confartigianato, series of seminars on legislation regulating audio-visual productions. Udine, 2010
  • Italian Documentary Association, seminar on Service Contract and RAI Procurement. Rome, 2010
  • Region FVG and Confartigianato, series of seminars on copyright and documentaries. Udine, 2009
  • University of Bergen, report at the conference on exceptions and limitations to copyright in the EU, Bergen, Norway, 2009
  • Federlazio and Italian Documentary Association, seminar on copyright and documentaries. Rome, 2008
  • World Congress of Science & Factual Producers, report on copyright and freedom of expression within conferences. Florence, 2008
  • AAMOD Foundation /SIAE/MiBACT/Experimental Cinema Centre, report on exceptions to copyright and fair use for the Convention on royalties and copyright in the use and re-use, dissemination, and distribution. Rome, 2008
  • Cineteca di Bologna, SIAE and Italian Documentary Association, seminar on fair compensation on documentary works. Bologna, 2008
  • Trentino Region and Italian Documentary Association, seminar on AGCOM Regulation on residual rights and equitable compensation. Trento, 2009


  • Contribution to the report of the European Commission “Study on the making available right and its relationship with the reproduction right in cross -border digital transmissions”, De Wolf & Partners, 2014
    See PDF >
  • Meditations on the reform of film commissions in “Il senso del cinema e dell’audiovisivo per i territori”, Rosselli Foundation for Luce – Cinecittà with the supervision of the General Direction for Cinema of MiBACT”, pp . 216 ff., 2013
    Link >
  • Ch. IX, Una nuova etica per la rete (copyright e privacy), in “I nuovi modelli di informazione tra etica, tecnologia e regole”, Economy Institute of the Media Rosselli Foundation for CORECOM Emilia Romagna, 2013
    Link >
  • The royalty issue in Italy, in “Lo stato di salute della fiction italiana e le dinamiche a livello europeo”, pp. 55 ff., Rosselli Foundation for Television Producers Association, 2011
    Shared considerations upon the issue of accessing archival materials and using the materials within audio-visual productions: exceptions, limitations and fair use, in Annals AAMOD , 2011
    Vertical Integration in the Italian TV Sector, in Competition, a cura di I. Weikstein, International Association of Entertainment Lawyers IAEL, pp. 114 ss., 2006
    Link >


  • Italian, English