Marcello Mustilli

Founding Partner

Admitted to the Rome Bar in the 1999

Working experience

  • Bellettini Lazzareschi Mustilli Law Firm, Partner, Rome (2005 – present)
  • Hogan & Hartson LLP., Visiting attorney, New York (2004)
  • Caporale Carbone Giuffrè Law Firm, Associate, Rome (2000-2004)
  • Carnelutti & Partners, Associate, Rome (1999)


  • University of London, King’s College, LL.M. in international Business Law and Copyright, London, UK (1999)
  • La Sapienza University, Law Degree, 110/110, Rome (1997)

Seminars and Conferences

  • Drafting of the dossier “What future for online festivals?” published on the website Rome 2021
  • SIEDAS, report within the meeting “The lawyer in the world of entertainment”. Rome (2021)
  • AFIC, “Festival platform”, report on windows and other legal aspects in relation to online festivals. Rome (2021)
  • Solinas Prix 2020,  speech entitled “Creative confrontation between authors, directors, producers and distributors. Focus on cinema, seriality, cinema for reality” within the Conference “Let’s start again from the driving stories of the audiovisual industry”. Sassari (2020)
  • Dentons Europe Studio Legale Tributario, seminar titled “The new Class Action: lights and shadows of the reform”. Milan (2019)
  • Movies to move Europe 2018,  speech titled “The issue of copyright”. Turin (2018)
  • Zavattini Award 2018, speech titled “Copyright and rights of use in the cinema”, Venice (2018)
  • Training of the Italian Film Commissions, consultant of the Italian Film Commissions Association,  Florence (2018)
  • MICI 2018, speech titled “MiBACT and Regions: harmonizing and integrating national and regional activities with a view to optimizing the propulsive thrust of the Italian film-audiovisual industry”. Rome (2018)
  • MIA-DOC Programme 2017, seminar titled “The legal minefield of making controversial docs – And the right steps to take”. Rome (2017)
  • Roma Fiction Fest 2017, report on legal aspects of investigative documentaries film productions. Rome (2017)
  • Cineteca di Bologna, teaching for the Course “The valorization of the assets: legal and management aspects”. Bologna (2017)
  • AAMOD Foundation, report titled “Legal considerations on access and reuse of audio-visual resources on the net” within the Conference “Network audio collections and archives. Research, knowledge, shared knowledge and public use”. Rome (2017)
  • University of Rome, La Sapienza, seminar on “Copyright, copyleft in the audiovisual cultural heritage sector”, within the teaching of” History and sources of the audiovisual document “-nSchool of Specialization in archival goods and librarians. Rome (2017)
  • Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, lesson titled “Graphic unit in the institutional communication: identity and public image protection” within the Institution Communication Course II – Faculty of Social Communication Institution. Rome (2017)
  • Far East Festival, FVG Film Commission, report on Digital Single Market: and prospective for the European audio-visual market. Udine, 2016
  • Trento Film Festival, moderator of “Tax credit for cinematographic and audiovisual works” panel. Trento (2016)
  • Vatican School of Library Science, seminar on digital and law libraries. Vatican City (2015)
  • City of Bologna and D.E.R., seminar on contracts for audio-visual productions. Bologna (2015)
  • Tuscany Region/Tuscany Film Commission, seminar on legislation for Italian film commissions. Florence (2015)
  • University of Rome,Tor Vergata, seminar on the contract of the “factual” productions. Rome (2014)
  • Lazio Region, seminar on the production and protection of “factual” audio-visual products. Rome (2014)
  • ANICA/AS.For.Cinema, seminar on web production and distribution. Rome, 2014
  • ANICA/AS.For.Cinema, seminar on rights and quotas TV. Rome, 2013
  • University of Rome, La Sapienza, Faculty of Communication Sciences, seminar on legal aspects of documentary production. Rome (2011)
  • Apulia Region, Regional Agency for Technology and Information, seminar on copyright and the right to criticize. Bari, 2013
  • European Audiovisual Days, report for the convention on the Inter-Ministerial Decree 22/02/2013 (also known “TV Quotas Decree”). Turin (2013)
  • Tuscany Region, Italian Documentary Association and Italian Doc Screenings, seminar on documentary, privacy, and critical rights. Florence (2013)
  • University of Rome, La Sapienza, Special School for Archivists and Librarians, seminar on cinematographic archives legislation. Rome (2012)
  • University of Rome, La Sapienza, Special School for Archivists and Librarians, seminar on copyright and cinematographic works. Rome (2011)
  • ANICA/AS.For.Cinema, seminar on documentaries development phase contracts. Rome (2012)
  • ANICA/AS.For.Cinema, seminar on distribution of cinematographic products. Rome (2011)
  • Genoa – Liguria Film Commission, seminar on crowdfunding & crowdsourcing: regulatory and contractual aspects. Genoa (2011)
  • University of Barcelona, relation on Transatlantic Dialogue on Fair Use and Exceptions as a part of the “International Forum on Access to Culture and Knowledge in the Digital Era (FCForum)”. Barcelona (2010)
  • European Documentary Network e IDFA, seminar on copyright and fair use restrictions. Amsterdam (2010)
  • Region FVG and Confartigianato, series of seminars on legislation regulating audio-visual productions. Udine (2010)
  • Italian Documentary Association, seminar on Service Contract and RAI Procurement. Rome (2010)
  • Region FVG and Confartigianato, series of seminars on copyright and documentaries. Udine (2009)
  • University of Bergen, report at the conference on exceptions and limitations to copyright in the EU, Bergen, Norway (2009)
  • Federlazio and Italian Documentary Association, seminar on copyright and documentaries. Rome (2008)
  • World Congress of Science & Factual Producers, report on copyright and freedom of expression within conferences. Florence (2008)
  • AAMOD Foundation /SIAE/MiBACT/Experimental Cinema Centre, report on exceptions to copyright and fair use for the Convention on royalties and copyright in the use and re-use, dissemination, and distribution. Rome (2008)
  • Cineteca di Bologna, SIAE and Italian Documentary Association, seminar on fair compensation on documentary works. Bologna, 2008
  • Trentino Region and Italian Documentary Association, seminar on AGCOM Regulation on residual rights and equitable compensation. Trento (2009)


  • Contribution to the report of the European Commission “Study on the making available right and its relationship with the reproduction right in cross -border digital transmissions”, De Wolf & Partners (2014)
    See PDF >
  • Meditations on the reform of film commissions in “Il senso del cinema e dell’audiovisivo per i territori”, Rosselli Foundation for Luce – Cinecittà with the supervision of the General Direction for Cinema of MiBACT”, pp . 216 ff., (2013)
    Link >
  • Ch. IX, Una nuova etica per la rete (copyright e privacy), in “I nuovi modelli di informazione tra etica, tecnologia e regole”, Economy Institute of the Media Rosselli Foundation for CORECOM Emilia Romagna (2013)
    Link >
  • The royalty issue in Italy, in “Lo stato di salute della fiction italiana e le dinamiche a livello europeo”, pp. 55 ff., Rosselli Foundation for Television Producers Association (2011)
    Shared considerations upon the issue of accessing archival materials and using the materials within audio-visual productions: exceptions, limitations and fair use, in Annals AAMOD (2011)
    Vertical Integration in the Italian TV Sector, in Competition, a cura di I. Weikstein, International Association of Entertainment Lawyers IAEL, pp. 114 ss. (2006)
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